Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Baby

Kitten Tales.

Our daughter brought home a kitten.  No one really likes to hear kitten tales, but I like to tell them.   He was rather small, and still is.  In fact, we're not even sure he's actually a "he" it's too hard to tell yet. 

Everyday he makes new discoveries.  The first day he hissed at everyone, pets and people included.  The next day he only hissed at the dog.  The day after that he didn't hiss at anyone.  He still does the Halloween cat and hissing anytime he meets a new creature. 

He has discovered he can run out the door when someone is going in or out of it.  He's extremely small, about the size of my shoe, so it's quite easy for him to get out.  Yesterday he tested his new skills repeatedly to the point I tired of trying to catch him before he escaped into the bushes so I just avoided opening or closing the door for several hours until he forgot about this new talent. 

He found out that the big orange male cat has very little patience or use for his energetic little ball of gray fluffy self.  He also found that the big orange cat will bat him in the head when he tries to nuzzle in said cats belly.  "I ain't your momma kid" /fwap fwap. 

Tonight he was quite entertained by watching me move a pen back and forth on the desk for the sheer enjoyment of the sound it makes when it moves. 

I'm enjoying this little guy (or girl).  He may end up being named "Kitty!!" because as of yet we can't decide on a name.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hell's Tentacles

My Backyard. 

It was absolutely balmy today, perfect weather for yard work.  I found the digging fork and set my mind on extracting the weeds that surround the patio.  Eyesores! 

The winter brought very little snow, the spring brought even less rain, and it's obvious we are in a serious drought here.  This being a semi-arid climate already the drought is rather serious.  It's not unusual, although it seems to have long since worn out its welcome this  unwelcome drought!  As a result, many once beautiful lawns are now mostly dead.  It's just the way it is. 

We always battled the weeds in the back, the front seemed to fair better somehow, we actually still have some grass there.  It is a fool's errand to run the sprinkler system on a yard full of weeds, and so we are not.  We're not turning it on this year.  Even with a sprinkler system, if mother nature does not cooperate in the effort it's just almost impossible to keep the grass, that was never really meant for this climate, alive. 

So, we are concentrating our efforts at keeping the smaller more manageable area in the front alive.  This plan is working well so far, however I've mostly tried to blank out in my mind the disaster we call our back yard.  It's really one of the ugliest most unmanageable yards I've ever seen, but I will get to that. 

Today I decided to face the demons, and I went out found the digging fork, and set about to digging up some weeds.  Sure, I could spray it all with weed killer, however that would require A LOT of chemicals, and well, it works too well.  We end up with a big patch of dirt, dirt that in this dry, windy climate just blows away.  Have I mentioned that our lot is 8 thousand square feet?  It's a sizable yard, at one time I thought that a desirable thing, but my foolish fantasies have succumb to reality, and I have given up those childish dreams!

One word can describe my ambitions for the day, "defeated".  Yes, I was. 

Well, this weed has made it's way along the patio particularly, but really it's all over the yard in places, it's really the only green in the back yard sadly. 

There's not much to say except, I HATE THIS YARD so very very very much.  Yep, that's about it!

I did clear the weeds lining one pathway, haven't even started around the patio yet.  I absolutely hate garden magazines and such, big fat liars!  I can't have a yard like that,  unless of course I have thousands of dollars to spend on it. 

I see why people give up and dump 12 tons of rocks on their yards.  The sad thing about it is in time the weeds grow in the rocks and it's ugly. 

We know we can't even bother to plant grass with this lack of moisture it would die.  Case in point, our neighbors that put sod down in their front yard last year, sadly it didn't survive the dry winter and spring we have had. 

Oh well, no use in crying about the weather.  Now, my sore muscles, yes!  I tugged so hard on some of those weeds that I envisioned a China man on the other side of the world tugging back.  The roots were long and thick, and a couple of them I had to give up and hack away at with a shovel.  I dug down far enough I unearthed a big wad of cable, which really was not deeply buried at all just a couple inches, those lazy cable people never remove the cords, they just put new ones in, that's another store altogether.  I have found countless cables in the yard some with the ends cut, just long pieces of cord.  I ought to make them come bury the cords, we sure pay enough for the service I don't see why they can't clean up their mess. 

This is all just the beginning, there is a rough summer of yard work ahead. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is fun

My neice told me about this site, and when I went to read it I spent probably an hour reading her posts.  This is a really fun and creative blog, and I enjoyed the humor.

A picture!

Because I like pictures...

This is my blogging assistant, as you can see we don't get much done.

I Don't Know About You But.....

I Can't Wait To Be Brazil's Biggest Customer!


Um, I can't help it, I'm quite disturbed that the President of the U.S. would go to Brazil and say such things.  Here, see it with your own eyes.

I was stunned.  I realize this is "old news" but it doesn't change how I feel about it. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Have Wanted To Say This

I guess I will!

I am a conservative, I have been one all my life.  When I was 18 years old I voted in my first presidential election, I voted for Bush Sr.  I have never voted Democrat.  I am registered Republican, although I consider myself a conservative first, THEN a Republican. 

I want to talk about gay stuff.  I am not gay.  I have no stake in the debate, other than being a member of a shared society with gay people.  I think gays should be allowed to be open and serve our nation if they so choose it, and are qualified to do so.  I think it is wrong to exclude them from the armed forces.  Gay people are part of society, and I am thankful to any person that feels the call to join, train, and defend our country.  I think Republicans are wrong to stand in the way of this happening. 

There are already gays in the military.  The argument has been presented that openly gay people would be the target of other people in the military who are uncomfortable sharing close quarters with gay people.  I do not believe that a man would harm another man fighting on the same side unless he has more than a few screws loose in his head, in that case court martial would be the best method of retribution, however I believe it would be a rarity and not a norm.

The military is much more politically correct than many people might realize.  Men and women work side by side in jobs that women were once excluded from, the same goes with people of different races and religious creeds.  They find ways to get along, and I don't think it would be any different with gays.  Of course there are people within the armed forces who do not play well with others for whatever reason, as has always been the case I suppose, those people are dealt with in one fashion or another.  Not being able to get along with people is a sure way to have a short military career. 

Unfortunately, there is a large number of little Caesars with far too much power in the military as well, however the chain of command is never ending if someone is brave enough to take things that far, but it is often the case that people suffer through until the next set of orders comes where they get sent to a new duty station, one that hopefully is not run by complete idiots.  Such is military life.  One learns quite quickly to subordinate himself to the next higher rank, that is just how it goes it's taught from the moment the recruit steps off the bus. 

Despite all that, the comraderie and brotherhood in the military exists quite strongly to this day, despite the many different races, religions and cultures that are moshed in together.  I've seen it with my own eyes.  The military is probably far ahead of the rest of society in that regard, the unit is greater than the individual.  That's how it works, much like team sports, only the team is much much larger, and from what I've seen it is working.  I don't see gays being allowed to serve openly having much effect on that dynamic, especially since they are already serving anyway.....

On another note, Gays need to wake up and smell the coffee, and start asking what with the Democrat stronghold in the White House and Congress in the last 2 years, WHY hasn't the DEMS done anything for them?!  I'll tell you my theory, as long as they can convince gays that the right wing stands in the way of gay rights and equality, and that the Democrats are the only hope for such things, they can continue to pander for the gay vote.  The right is playing into the Dem's hands by failing to accept that homosexuality is part of society, and is not honoring the ideal that individuals should have equal opportunities, do I really need to state here that I refer to consenting adults where no coercion is involved?  Well, that's why, and as long as people feel they "need" them they will continue to vote for Democrats even though they have only given lip service to gay rights up until now.  They had 2 years...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just In Case You Wondering

For a couple months now I've been wondering why the hell my dishes don't come out of the dishwasher clean, they have a white milky film on them.  I also recently bought a new dishwasher, and I didn't think it could possibly be failing so soon.  My parents are also having the same problem at their house, my dad told me it had something to do with phosphates being removed from the dishwasher soap.  Ugh.  Well what he said is correct.  If curious, you can read about it here and also the comments here are informative.

I may just start washing the dishes by hand, the grimy residue makes me feel like they aren't clean, and it's ruining all of my plastic cups and utensils. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I laughed out loud

Visiting with my parents today, my dad and I got on the topic of Keith Olbermann's sudden departure from whatever it was his stinky show was called.  I watched it a few times, it was utterly ridiculous so I would change almost immediately.  My dad and I made some silly mockery of his name, I said, "oh I just call them Dolberman and Madcow"  My dad said, "some people on the internet call her Ralph Maddow" and we laughed out loud.  She's just as bad as the other was, what was his name again?

End of Silence

It's been so long since I've written anything here the whole format seems to have changed, for the better I'm sure I just don't know yet. 

As per normal on this space I have no pre determined topic of discussion in mind.

I have Glenn Beck on at the moment.  I am extremely appreciative of his show and the topics he discusses.  It bothers me that I have met people that have never so much as watched his show, but are willing to dismiss him at best, and attack him at worst. 

I'm paying attention to what's going on in the world, but I have very little desire to discuss most of it on this blog anymore.   Apathy is not the word I would use to describe the situation, as I am paying close attention and do care.  No, it's not apathy.  It's just that there is so much that is mind numbingly frustrating that I can't stomach giving it the energy I used to.  It is the vitriolic hatred that some dare to pretend is political discourse that I just can't stand anymore.  Oh who am I kidding, I've damn near given up on the idea that people don't want the stuff that the shellacker in chief is peddling, they want it, and they want my family to pay for it. 

Whenever I decide to venture back into the never ending vortex once known as "blogdom" the first place on my trek is that dear Francis Porretto's Eternity road.  That is my one stop shop for seeing what "peeps" are saying "out there", or in any case, what people I think are worthy of reading are saying.  I must say I'm very pleased with the contributors that Fran has selected to enlighten and entertain us. 

So, for many months I have spent my time sitting at this ridiculous computer screen playing an online game rather than shout my unimportant thoughts and views into the wind.  That's pretty much where I've been!   What about you?!

Monday, December 06, 2010

How do you spell Totalitarianism?

I remember when I was 12 years old I read the Diary of Anne Frank, it was assigned reading as I recall.  The true story was moving and unforgettable.  I suddenly became aware of something in human history so mind boggling it was extremely hard to forget of course.  Something happened.  Something led up to those horrible years in Europe. 

Everytime I think of the government demanding to see our naked bodies, or to feel our private parts in order to board a plane I think is this one of those "things" that leads to even worse things? 

If our private personal space is not sacred, nothing is.  Will we soon be treated to these scans before we enter any public place?  This is not about modesty.   The argument, "well I'm not modest so I don't mind the scanner...."  

Someone I love would have to be a plane ride away, and dying in order for me to fly anywhere ever again.  I cannot believe people are willing to go along with this.

A Photo I found on the internet somewhere:

Thank God we have someone checking this man's prostate before he boards a plane.